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Molten Aluminum Gas Purifier

Molten Aluminum Gas Purifier

Purification of molten aluminum gas purifier refers to the introduction of gas into the aluminum melt or the addition of substances that can produce purified gas. The partial pressure difference between the aluminum melt and the bubble is used to diffuse the hydrogen into the bubble, and the bubble is captured in the process of floating. Inclusion of scum, etc., so as to achieve the purpose of removing hydrogen and impurities. The main purpose of molten aluminum gas purifier is to remove hydrogen. At the same time, because the impurities in the melt interact with hydrogen, the process of removing hydrogen is accompanied by impurity removal.

There are a variety of online high-efficiency continuous degassing devices, and the method of introducing purified air bubbles has been developed from the original single-pipe injection to the porous blowing head to the current rotating nozzle. The new process of rotating nozzles is considered to be the most advanced and effective gas introduction method at present. The SNIF method, Alpur method, FILD method, and AdTech online degassing device are all typical new technologies for rotating nozzles. In addition, there is also a method of spraying the flux method to improve the contact efficiency between the aluminum melt and the bubbles by fully flowing the aluminum melt.

Double-rotor Degassing System

The bubble floatation hydrogen removal process has a simple principle and simple operation. It can effectively remove non-metallic inclusions from aluminum melt, but its degassing and impurity removal effect is limited by bubble size, quantity, residence time, and speed. The amount of purified gas is large and the utilization efficiency is low, and as the amount of dissolved hydrogen in the melt gradually decreases, the efficiency of removing hydrogen from the purified gas gradually decreases. Therefore, we should start with the bubble itself, the purification device and the purification principle to further strengthen the role of the molten aluminum gas purifier to remove hydrogen and impurities.

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