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Online Degassing Device

Online Degassing Device

Online degassing device is an advanced metal purification device with advanced heating elements. It is suitable for removing gases and harmful impurities in melton aluminum and aluminum alloy. Online degassing unit adopts advanced high silicon melting technology to get a long service time, degassing rotor, heater protection thimble and thermocouple protection thimble, adopt ceramic manufacturing technology which can meet producing high-precision aluminum requirements.

The on-line degassing device can effectively control the internal temperature according to the casting process requirements. The main components of the degassing unit include the treatment box, lifting system, graphite rotor, control system.

With demand for non-ferrous metal castings increasing in volume, there is also a growing pressure on foundries to improve casting quality, especially the aerospace and the automotive sector. With the demand for aluminum castings, the competition has been increasing between foundries. Foundries have to run the most efficient and cost-effective processes, so as to offer price competitive castings on a global scale. In order to remove impurities and get better quality metal, it is better to choose the Rotary Degassing Unit.

Online Degassing Device

AdTech Rotary Degassing Machines are the most environment-friendly, economical and repeatable way to degas molten aluminum. Liquid Aluminum Refining System is a degassing and purification treatment equipment that cleans metal by removing hydrogen gas, metallurgical impurities.

Rotary Degassing Process: Inert gas storage tank → Online degassing device Gas control cabinet → Graphite rotor nozzle → Treated aluminum alloy melt → Purified degassing treatment.

Aluminum and aluminum alloys are introduced into the purification equipment. Inert gas disperses into the solution through a rapidly rotating rotor and forms a large number of small bubbles. The small bubbles physically release hydrogen and other inclusions to the surface during the floatation process. The degassing equipment achieves the effect of degassing and impurity removal. The rapid stirring in the solution by rotating the nozzle can also make the alloy elements of the aluminum alloy melt more uniform.

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