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Size Inconsistency

Size Inconsistency

The actual size of the ingot does not meet the required size, which is called size inconsistency. The reasons are as follows:

  1. Improper flow orifice plugging during casting.
  2. The design of the mold does not meet the requirements or the mold is deformed and worn out for a long time.
  3. The casting stroke indicator is inaccurate, damaged or malfunctioning, and cannot correctly indicate the casting length.
  4. Improper control of the flow rate of various flow trays, launder capacities and ingots of various specifications.
  5. Failure of electrical and mechanical equipment makes it impossible to continue casting.
  6. The casting temperature is too low, the bell mouth and the flow eyes are frozen during casting, and the casting cannot be continued.
  7. When casting hollow ingots, the core is deflected or the mold is not firmly fixed, causing eccentricity.

Size Inconsistency

Partial preventive measures: take corresponding preventive measures according to the cause of formation.

Size Inconsistency Preventive Measures

  1. Choose a suitable plug to block the aluminum liquid outlet
  2. Replace with a new crystallizer, the design meets the requirements.
  3. Maintain the casting stroke indicator.
  4. Control the aluminum flow, and strictly control the convection plate and flow trough.
  5. Maintain faulty electrical and mechanical equipment.
  6. Increase the casting temperature to make the aluminum liquid flow smoothly.
  7. The crystallizer is firmly fixed.

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