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Tap Hole Cone

Tap Hole Cone

Tap Hole Cone uses high-quality ceramic fiber cotton as raw material and is made through a vacuum blister molding process, which can meet certain high-temperature production links or special-shaped products that need to be throttled in the production process in steel plants, aluminum plants and other industries. Each tap out cone product has a special mold according to its shape and size, which can be made into different sizes and specifications. Good elasticity can have better compactness, and the number of orders is not limited.

Tap Hole Cone Product Performance

Low shrinkage and low thermal conductivity in the operating temperature range
High heat insulation and light weight
Resistant to wind erosion, spalling, and not corroded by most molten metals
Product classification temperature, physical properties and thermal properties are better than or similar to the performance of the corresponding grade of fiberboard
According to the needs of use, the density and strength can be appropriately increased

Tap Hole Cone

Attention to the type of insulation material and temperature of powder metallurgy furnace
When the powder metallurgy furnace is operating at high temperatures, heat will be lost through the furnace wall, and the brickwork will continue to accumulate heat. Therefore, when building furnaces, materials with low density, high porosity and low thermal conductivity are usually used to build them outside the high-temperature refractory layer to reduce heat loss and increase the thermal efficiency of the furnace, thereby reducing electricity or fuel consumption. , Can also improve working conditions.

This material with low density, high porosity and low thermal conductivity is a so-called thermal insulation material. According to requirements, the thermal conductivity of thermal insulation materials is less than 0.23W/(m·℃), and its porosity is generally above 70%. There are many, so the bulk density is very small (usually less than 0.5g/cm3), and the mechanical strength is also very low. These are the common features of various insulating materials.

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