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Zirconia Ceramic Foam Filter

Zirconia Ceramic Foam Filter

Zirconia ceramic foam filter supplier AdTech produces new industrial ceramic products for aluminum melting and casting purification. It has low bulk density (0.25-0.65) g / cm3, high porosity (60% – 90%) and three-dimensional network structure. Because of its excellent properties, such as high temperature resistance, chemical resistance and large porosity, foam ceramics are widely used in aluminum melt filtration to remove unnecessary nonmetallic inclusions in melting process.

Zirconia Ceramic Foam Filter Characteristics

  • Reduce gas and inclusions in castings.
  • Reduce the turbulence of molten metal.
  • Reduce surface defects of castings.
  • The reject rate of castings is greatly reduced.
  • Improve the compressive strength of castings.
  • The elongation and tensile strength of castings were improved.
  • Improve the surface finish of castings.
  • Improve the fluidity of molten metal.
  • The filling ability and feeding ability of the melt were improved.
  • Reduce processing time and tool wear, and improve the surface quality of castings.

Since 2012, ceramic foam filter – PZr manufacturer AdTech has been committed to research, development, production and sale of aluminum alloy casting bonded ceramic foam filter (CFF). Foam ceramic filter plate has high mechanical strength, chemical stability, heat shock resistance and liquid metal flow impact even under high temperature. In the process of processing, there is no slag and crushing phenomenon, which ensures the quality of molten metal and stable chemical composition. The metal flow is large and stable. Even if the inclusion content in the molten metal is high, it will not plug the ceramic foam filter.

Zirconia Ceramic Foam Filter

Engineers at the Finnish aluminum industry talked about the advantages of the application:

1. It can effectively remove a large number of inclusions in aluminum melt and effectively absorb a small amount of inclusions.

2. No debris falling off, effectively reducing aluminum liquid pollution.

3. It has excellent thermal shock resistance and improves the erosion resistance of molten metal.

4. Improve the appearance and performance of the surface and purify the molten aluminum.

The Finland Aluminum Inc recommends that Adtech aluminum foam filters be used in other aluminum plants in Finland to improve the purity of molten aluminum.

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