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Aluminum Degassing Flux

Aluminum Degassing Flux

Aluminum degassing flux is used to improve the refining, slag removal and degassing. The following matters should be paid attention to in flux refining operation.

There are many metal flux manufacturers choose the right aluminum degassing flux, and there are many kinds of metal flux. You can choose the appropriate metal flux according to the type of alloy used in the project and the characteristics of the melting equipment. The refiner can refine the structure and prevent pinhole. Refining is also deteriorating. The main refining and degradation agents not only play the role of refining and degassing, but also play the role of deterioration treatment. Ethylene chloride is mainly used for refining and degassing.

In order to ensure the quality of molten aluminum and cause waste, the amount of refining flux should be selected according to the use requirements and the amount of reheating materials.

Aluminum Degassing Flux

The refining temperature is different when the suitable refining temperature is selected. Refining agent decomposes a certain amount of gas or material to achieve the effect of slag and gas removal by thermal decomposition, so it needs a certain temperature to realize the decomposition of refining agent. Generally, the refining temperature of most refining agents used is about 740 ℃. In general, the temperature should be reduced to the pouring temperature after refining to prevent pinhole and slag inclusion defects. Like hexachloroethane, the temperature can be between 700 and 720 degrees, and the refining effect is very good. The refining temperature of nitrogen is not more than 720 ℃, and the refining temperature of argon is about 760 ℃. Therefore, the appropriate temperature should be selected according to the refining agent instructions.

The general requirement of refining is not less than 8 minutes. Sometimes, the refining time can not reach the actual quality of molten aluminum when the addition amount meets the requirements. If there is a density equivalent meter, the quality of molten aluminum can be known immediately. The thermal equivalent analyzer can measure the mechanical properties in real time.

The purpose of standing time is to make the refined aluminum water reach uniform and stable chemical composition within a limited time, and the diffused gas and slag can escape from the aluminum water. Therefore, the refined aluminum water must be kept for a period of time, generally no less than 15 minutes.

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