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Casting Launders

Casting Launders

Casting Launders is one of the basic equipment for aluminum alloy casting. The main function of the fixed flow channel with shell is to drain the aluminum liquid in the mixing furnace to the casting machine.

The operation area of casting launder was originally made of a traditional high-temperature resistant castable masonry. The surface of this type of groove is easy to stick to aluminum during use.

The operator’s working time when cleaning the launder is up to 30 minutes, and it is easy to cause damage to the casting material, so that the high-temperature aluminum liquid penetrates into the casting material and causes the shell steel plate to gradually deform. The ladle cannot be used normally for four months.

In addition, every time the convection tank is maintained, the casting material needs to be removed, and the shell steel plate is corrected to be re-built, and the maintenance process consumes labor and materials.

In response to this problem, after referring to the usage status of Casting Launders in the same industry, this operation area successively renovated the mixing furnace flume in April this year. The new flume after the renovation has high overall strength, large unit volume density, and the inner cavity of the flute. With high-temperature refractory coating, non-stick aluminum, internal slag is easy to clean.

There is no damage or cracking within three years under high-temperature conditions, and there is no aluminum leakage at the interface and bottom of the flow slot, which eliminates the hidden safety risks of aluminum leakage in the flow slot. The time for shutting down and cleaning the flow slot is reduced by 20 minutes, which reduces the labor intensity of aluminum workers.

Casting Launders

Casting Launders

High-temperature-resistant heat-insulated special-shaped piece with shell fixed flow channel.

1. Using high-quality ceramic fiber cotton as raw material, made by vacuum forming process, the purpose of developing this product is to make rigid shaped products with excellent high-temperature performance and self-supporting strength.

2. High-temperature heat-resistant heat-insulated special-shaped parts are all special-shaped products that meet the specific production links of certain industrial departments. Each product needs to make a special mold according to its shape and size. Additives to meet usage requirements.

All heat-resistant and heat-insulated shaped products have low shrinkage in the temperature range, and maintain the characteristics of high heat insulation, lightweight and impact resistance. Unheated materials are easy to be cut or machined during use. Medium, the product has good resistance to abrasion and flaking and is not wetted by most molten metals.

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