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Insulated Launder

Insulated Launder

Insulated Launder is placed in the liquid inlet or liquid outlet of the smelting furnace. Insulated Launder is also called Refractory Troughs, Molten Metal Transfer. AdTech provides many different refractory troughs for transporting molten aluminum. We make our own material and offer molds per your shape design. Our molten metal trough can be designed for low thermal expansion, low thermal conductivity, abrasion resistance, or non-wetting characteristics. All of our precast refractory troughs are inspected before and after firing to ensure it is of the highest quality. We have a lot of experience working with most other major manufacturers’ materials.

Its purpose is to introduce the aluminum liquid into the smelting furnace or the molten aluminum melted in the smelting furnace into the aluminum liquid transport bag.

The Refractory Trough is made of high-nitrogen composite ceramic materials independently developed and produced by the company. It has the technical advantages of good thermal insulation performance, non-stick aluminum, no pollution of aluminum liquid, severe high and low temperature working conditions, and does not affect its service life.

Insulated Launder

Refractory Troughs

Refractory Trough is one of the basic equipment for aluminum alloy casting. The main function of the aluminum casting launder is to drain the aluminum liquid in the mixing furnace to the casting machine.

The operation area was originally made of a traditional high-temperature resistant castable masonry. The surface of this type of groove is easy to stick to aluminum during the use. The operating time of the worker when cleaning the groove is up to 30 minutes, and it is easy to cause casting The material is damaged, so that the high-temperature aluminum liquid penetrates into the castable and causes the shell steel plate to gradually deform. The flow channel cannot be used normally for 4 months.

In addition, every time the convection tank is maintained, the casting material needs to be removed, and the shell steel plate is corrected to be re-built, and the maintenance process consumes labor and materials.

Insulated Launder

Insulated Launder

In response to this problem, after referring to the usage status of Insulated Launder in the same industry, our company successively transformed the 1#-6# mixing furnace flow cell in April this year. The new high-aluminum fiber DC cell after the transformation has high overall strength and unit volume density. Large, the surface of the inner cavity of the flow cell is coated with a high-temperature refractory coating, which is not easy to stick aluminum, and the internal slag is easy to clean. There is no damage or cracking within two years under high-temperature conditions. There is no aluminum leakage at the interface and bottom of the flow cell. The hidden safety of aluminum, the time for shutting down and cleaning the flume is reduced by 20 minutes, which not only reduces the labor intensity of ordinary aluminum workers, but also saves maintenance costs by million yuan compared with the two-year use of the traditional flume.

AdTech high-aluminum fiber DC tank project places strict requirements on personnel safety, liquid aluminum quality and energy consumption. In response to customer needs, our team creatively proposes flute conveying, which has no precedent in the aluminum die-casting industry. In addition, an online degassing filter device is installed in the flow tank to improve the quality of the aluminum liquid, and the waste heat of the exhaust gas is further used by the heat exchanger to reduce the comprehensive energy consumption.

Advantages: energy saving and consumption reduction, improve quality, reduce costs, safe and reliable.

Index: energy consumption reduced by 30%, aluminum liquid quality improvement index: hydrogen content reduced by 35%, inclusion content reduced by 60%, use cost reduced by 30-50%, safety performance was greatly improved.

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