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Ceramic Fiber Launder

Ceramic Fiber Launder

Ceramic Fiber Launder is mainly used for the distribution of aluminum liquids with high insulation requirements, such as the active flow cell on the casting and rolling, and the distribution flow cell on the same level casting plate.

Aluminum Fiber Ceramics uses a non-stick aluminum castable. It is a new type of composite refractory castable. It is a special material for the aluminum processing industry. It is mainly used for melting aluminum furnace walls, furnace bottoms, degassing boxes, runners and nozzles, front box.

Trough and Launder

Ceramic Fiber Launder combines the properties of organic and inorganic binders with a certain amount of new composite castables that are insoluble in aluminum and can separate refractory and aluminum directly.

Due to the gas generated during the fine refining process of the aluminum liquid, the structure of the castable is seriously damaged. To this end, a certain amount of anti-radiation material and neutralizing material are added to promote the low-temperature sintering strength and play a good inhibitory role. , effectively improve the service life of refractories.

Non-stick aluminum solution, no slag, anti-aluminum liquid erosion, anti-penetration, erosion resistance, etc. In the raw material ratio, we have added an international non-stick aluminum component, which forms a special protective layer on the surface of the solidified body after solidification, which blocks the pores and prevents aluminum from sticking.

Adtech Ceramic Fiber Launder incorporates a high-quality, high-quality refractory bond that makes the solidified surface smooth and less prone to slag. Non-stick aluminum castables are widely used in aluminum melting furnaces, holding furnace contact aluminum liquid parts, aluminum liquid holding furnaces, aluminum liquid lifting bags and other contact aluminum liquid parts. It is especially suitable for integral casting of casting machine front holding furnace and lining of high-purity aluminum smelting equipment.

Ceramic Fiber Launder

Ceramic Fiber Launder Advantages

1. The flow cell has good insulation performance, reasonable design and long service life;
2. The launder is integrally formed by noble molten material, and the dimensional accuracy is high;
3. The lining of the runner is strong, resistant to erosion, heat shock and smooth surface;
4. The lining of the flow tank has strong corrosion resistance to aluminum, zinc and magnesium alloys, enhances the use effect of the molten metal transfer equipment, and strengthens the service life of special alloys.
5. The temperature drop of the metal liquid during the use of the launder is 2 °C per meter, resistant to erosion, heat shock and smooth surface.

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