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Ceramic Cone

Ceramic Cone

After the aluminum casting is finished, the ceramic cone is used to close the flow orifice. This control system has the advantages of simple structure, low price, and convenient operation.

The basic requirements for the ceramic cone are:

  • It can safely control high-speed, high-pressure flowing liquid metal.
  • It can conveniently and effectively adjust the flow of metal.
  • No gas or inclusions will pollute the melt.
  • Do not cause damage to the spout of the standing furnace.
  • The structure is simple, the price is low, and the use is convenient.

At present, aluminum factories widely use ceramic cones to control the metal outflow at the spout of the stationary furnace.

Ceramic Cone

AdTech ceramic fiber tap out cone is made from high purity alumina silicate fibers mixing with inorganic binders by vacuum forming process. This kind of manufacturing method is high production efficiency, the rate of final products is up to 99%. It is featured material evenly distributed, harder than the ordinary cone, tight blockage, non-slagging and non-stick aluminum. It is widely used in aluminum alloy melting furnaces to control the production flow of molten aluminum.

The tap out cone is an excellent product used to control the production flow of molten aluminum in aluminum alloy melting furnaces. The ceramic fiber tap-out cone is very smooth and its dimensions are precise. The raw materials of the ceramic fiber tap-out cone are all imported from world-leading companies which makes it has good hardness and toughness.

Ceramic tap out cones are used to cover and protect taphole plugs used in furnaces for melting aluminum alloys. The cones are disposable and are recommended for one-time use.

AdTech Ceramic Tap Out Cones Advantage

  • Maintain strength throughout the application.
  • A textured exterior surface minimizes tearing during insertion.
  • Resilient composition ensures a tight fit between the tap hole plug and the tap block.
  • Do not burn, smoke, or degrade.

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