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Vacuum Formed Plug

Vacuum Formed Plug

The vacuum formed plug is made of high-quality ceramic fiber cotton and made by vacuum forming. Vacuum Formed Plug is also called Refractory Fiber Cone, Ceramic Fiber Tap Out Cone, Tap Plugs, Ceramic Fiber Tap, Aluminum Silicate Cone, Vacuum Formed Tap Out Cone, Furnace Tapout Cone. The purpose of developing this product is to produce special-shaped products with rigidity, self-supporting strength and excellent high-temperature performance.

The ceramic fiber cone has low shrinkage in its temperature range, and maintains high heat resistance, light weight and impact resistance. Unburnt materials are easy to cut or machine. According to the performance requirements of the product, select unused binders and additives to meet the requirements. The product has abrasion resistance and peel resistance during use, and will not be wetted by most molten metals.

Ceramic fiber cones are molded products that meet specific production steps in certain industrial sectors. Each product needs to be made into a special mold according to its shape and size. Vacuum-formed tap cones are available in various sizes and shapes, including tubular, conical, dome and square boxes. Most special-shaped products can be produced according to customer requirements.

Vacuum Formed Plug

But some special-shaped vacuum formed plug products can also provide customers with inventory, such as casting caps and shells in the non-ferrous metal industry, vacuum forming in the petrochemical industry, and other fire-proof holes.

The physical and thermal properties of various molded products are generally similar to those of corresponding grades of vacuum formed panels. Most aluminum smelting furnaces or holding furnaces in the aluminum casting industry have aluminum nozzles, which are sealed with high-temperature ceramic fiber plugs to control the flow of aluminum water. The ceramic fiber plug is made of high-purity ceramic fiber cotton at 1260°C by vacuum forming, special equipment, advanced equipment and production technology. Each ceramic fiber plug has a flat surface with appropriate hardness and flexibility, and is suitable for mechanical or manual plugging.

Vacuum Formed Plug Product Features

High temperature stability, thermal shock resistance, corrosion resistance
Low heat capacity, low thermal conductivity
Excellent mechanical and structural strength
High dimensional accuracy
Excellent heating and insulation
Air defense scour

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