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Ceramic Filter Plates for Foundry

Ceramic Filter Plates for Foundry

Ceramic filter plates for foundry are mainly used in the purification process of aluminum and aluminum alloy production. Our ceramic filter plates adopt foreign advanced formulas and processes, and are imported from foreign advanced production equipment and certain raw materials. Its performance completely reaches or exceeds the level of similar foreign products.

Ceramic foam filter plates are widely used to filter molten aluminum in casting foundry worldwide. It is used to clean liquid aluminum filtration, aerospace alloys and other demanding products.

The quality of the aluminum melt is very important, which will greatly affect the subsequent processing performance and the quality of the final product. Therefore, all countries in the world attach great importance to the purification of aluminum melt.

There are many reasons for aluminum contamination. On the one hand, during the melting process, aluminum is exposed to the atmosphere in the furnace in a molten or semi-molten state, is easily oxidized, easily reacts with water vapor to absorb hydrogen, and easily forms various forms of non-metallic slag. (Such as lining debris, chlorides, carbides, etc. in flux) and coarse intermetallic particles. On the other hand, part of the waste in the composition charge contains some non-aluminum impurities during the recycling process.

These impurities are easy to cause bubbles and inclusions in the slab, which seriously affect the purity of the molten metal, thereby further affecting the processing performance, mechanical properties, corrosion resistance and appearance quality of the product.

Using Alumina Ceramic Foam Filter

The ceramic foam filter plate can effectively remove a large number of impurities in the molten aluminum, and it can also remove the tiny inclusions in the molten aluminum that cannot be achieved by conventional processes. At the same time, because the filter plate filters out fine inclusions, the effective number of crystal nuclei in the aluminum liquid is reduced, so that the aluminum liquid grows under large supercooling conditions, the solidification time is shortened, and the microstructure is refined.

The ceramic foam filter plate reduces the hydrogen content in the molten aluminum. Hydrogen atoms can be adsorbed on some oxidized inclusions, and the oxidized inclusions can become the core of bubble growth, so the inclusions can be filtered out and other gases can be removed.

Through adsorption, the ceramic foam filter plate can remove the harmful elements (Na, K) in the aluminum liquid.

Ceramic filter plates for foundry are suitable for producing high-quality and demanding aluminum and aluminum alloys. Through physical adsorption and chemical action, it can effectively remove various oxidized inclusions produced in the aluminum smelting process, thereby reducing casting defects and improving the next casting quality. Deep processing can provide high-quality materials.

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