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Ceramic Filter Plates

Ceramic Filter Plates

Ceramic filter plates are very important to the quality of aluminum melt, which greatly affects the subsequent processing performance and the quality of the final product. All aluminum plants in the world attach great importance to the purification of aluminum melt.

In the smelting process, on the one hand, the aluminum exposed in the atmosphere in the molten or semi-molten state of the blast furnace is easy to oxidize, absorb and react with water vapor and hydrogen, and form various forms of non-metallic inclusions (such as furnace chlorine, carbon and others) and granular coarse metal interaction.

On the other hand, there are some non-aluminum impurities in the circulation process. Due to the waste process of waste factories, the waste materials of factories have different ways, complex components, and poor quality. These impurities will cause bubbles and inclusions in continuous casting billet, which will seriously affect the purity of metal melt, and further affect the processing performance, mechanical properties, corrosion resistance, and appearance quality.

Ceramic Filter Plates

The alumina ceramic foam filter produced by AdTech can effectively remove all kinds of aluminum water inclusions with micron-scale and stable laminar aluminum water change, which is conducive to filling.

It has a unique mullite corundum structure, good mechanical strength, and chemical stability, excellent aluminum water erosion performance, strict control of pore size and porosity, and stable ceramic filter plate on filtration effect.

The ceramic fiber is sealed around the ceramic filter plate, which helps to seal the CFF filter box of the filter plate to ensure no side flow of liquid metal.

The product is mainly used in the production of aluminum and aluminum alloy purification process, and also used in gas-solid, liquid-solid separation medium, catalyst carrier, burner, sound absorption, and environmental protection fields.

Ceramic Filter Plates

Other Applications of Ceramic Filter Plate

Copper alloy casting filtration, non-ferrous metal (brass, copper, zinc, tin) melt in the pouring process, will also produce oxidation and non-metallic impurities, there is a lot of garbage, if the use of foam ceramic filter plate can greatly reduce the reject rate. Cordierite is usually used to filter copper alloy melt with a mesh size of 1 ~ 1.2mm.

In the special field, the ceramic filter plate has excellent thermal radiation characteristics, and has been used in heat transfer and porous medium combustion technology with remarkable effect. Foam ceramics can also be made into photocatalyst carrier, nano titanium dioxide, and UV excited foam ceramic carrier coating, which has strong photocatalytic oxidation degradation of organic matter and microbial characteristics and catalytic degradation, and purify the air. Ceramic filter plate can also be made into chemical tower packing, gas material, combustion energy plate of gas burner, etc.

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