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Choose Ceramic Filter

Choose Ceramic Filter

The quality requirements of castings are high, and a new type of ceramic foam filter is selected with small holes and large mesh sizes. The specifications of choose ceramic filter plate are determined according to the flow rate and the total flow rate of the molten metal. The large flow rate, large capacity throughput, small holes, and large size of the filter plate are selected.

To choose a ceramic filter plate, you must observe its color, hit its body, and burn its object. Pure color, variegated color, uniform material. On the other hand, hold the filter plate with one hand, tap the filter plate, and hit the filter plate appropriately. The ceramic slag is continuously lost. The inferiority of the filter plate becomes clear, and the aluminum liquid causes secondary pollution. Use an open fire and electric heating to burn to red, and immediately cool down at room temperature without tilting or abrasion. It is said to be a good filter plate.

When choosing a ceramic filter plate, it is more necessary to evaluate the useful value of the foam more closely than the appearance of the product and the calculation of the porosity. The homogeneous state of the grid can be checked in the appearance layer of the ceramic filter board, and the uniform state of the cross-sectional grid can be checked. If the conditions are satisfied, the void fraction can be measured and calculated based on the drainage. The three-dimensional network is homogeneous and the relatively large porosity is a good ceramic filter plate.

Choose Ceramic Filter

Our foam ceramic filter plates are produced in an automated assembly line, with three calibration procedures, accurate in size, and more compatible with the filter box. It has the advantages of not dropping slag, effectively reducing pollution to molten aluminum, good thermal shock resistance, and improving corrosion resistance to molten metal.

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