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Launder Transfer System

Launder Transfer System

The launder transfer system is designed to transfer and delivery of molten metal from a melting furnace. It can smoothly transfer the metal up and out of the furnace using the flow of a gentle vortex. An integrated light weight launder system delivers this flowing metal for use by the downstream process. The system generates about 50% less dross than conventional transfer pumps, which represent significant cost savings and improved metal quality.

Heated launder systems can reduce furnace temperature, improve furnace life, and reduce energy costs with a heated trough system. It is used to hold metal at temperature during transfer, the heated trough cover can control trough temperature. In addition, the heated trough system keeps refractory surfaces hot thus avoiding refractory thermal shock. The system also has the ability to pre heat the trough before introduction of liquid metal, maintaining the temperature of the metal.

Our refractory launder transfer system allows manufacturers to eliminate preheating. Prefabricated refractory launders have extremely high wear resistance. Due to their excellent thermal shock resistance and high modulus of rupture, they far exceed standard fused silica materials in launder applications.

Refractory Launder System

The refractory launder technology used in the high-performance metal conveying system allows manufacturers to eliminate the preheating of the assembly line and avoid “overheating” the metal in the online equipment. The most important thing is to reduce the temperature of the holding furnace up to 50°C.

When your refractory process requires excellent wear resistance and durability, the shape of launder can be accurately cast into various sizes and shapes, from small to complex, and even shapes with complex internal features, which are usually not required Expensive machining.

The prefabricated shape of the launder runner provides excellent wear resistance in your most critical high-flow/high-speed applications. In addition, AdTech launders have excellent thermal shock resistance and thermal insulation, which are very suitable for processing molten metal, and also have excellent wear resistance and outstanding performance.

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