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Metal Conveying System

Metal Conveying System

The metal conveying system is made of a mixture of ceramic fiber cotton and a small amount of binder, and is processed using an automatic control continuous production process. Metal casting launder has the advantages of precise size, good flatness, high strength, light thermal shock resistance, and peel resistance. It can be widely used for heat insulation around and bottom of kilns, fire prevention of ceramic kilns and other parts. Mainly include ceramic fiber backplane, ceramic fiber machine board, ceramic fiber furnace floor, ceramic fiber semi-rigid board, etc.

Metal conveying system product features: low heat capacity, low thermal conductivity, non-brittle material, good elasticity, high compressive strength, good wind erosion resistance, long service life, excellent thermal stability and thermal shock resistance, continuous production, uniform fiber distribution , Stable performance, good sound absorption performance, good anti-stripping performance, easy to shape or cut, easy to install, accurate size and good flatness.

High aluminum insulated metal conveying system application:
1. It is an ideal energy-saving material suitable for kilns, pipelines and other thermal insulation equipment. It is widely used in chemical, petroleum, electric power, metallurgy, building materials, aerospace, machinery and other industries.
2. Aluminum alloy industry: expansion joints, lining insulation, insulation sheet and mold insulation;
3. Lining insulation material, tundish and runner cover, used for casting copper and copper alloy;
4. Ceramic industry: light kiln car structure, furnace thermal lining, furnace temperature zone separation and fireproof materials;
5. Light industry: lining of industrial and domestic boiler combustion chambers;
6. Petrochemical industry: the hot surface material is lined with a high temperature heating furnace;
7. Aerospace and shipbuilding industry: heat insulation, fire protection, sound insulation and heat insulation.

Metal Conveying System

Product description: Processed by vacuum forming process. The strength of these products is higher than the strength of fiber blankets and vacuum formed felts. It is suitable for high temperature fields where rigidity is required for products.

Product features: high compressive strength, long service life; low heat capacity and low thermal conductivity; non-brittle material, good toughness; accurate size, good flatness; easy to cut and install, convenient construction; excellent wind erosion resistance; continuous production, Fiber distribution is uniform and performance is stable; excellent sound absorption and noise reduction performance.

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