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Aluminium Ceramic Fiber Castertip

Aluminium Ceramic Fiber Castertip

The aluminium ceramic fiber castertip improves the uniformity of the melt distribution in the nozzle device and improves the quality of cast-rolled products by improving the shunt block inside the nozzle device.

The aluminium ceramic fiber castertip includes: two upper and lower plates arranged oppositely, an edge baffle connecting the sides of the two upper and lower plates, and a bottom plate connecting the two upper and lower plates and the two edge plates, and A melt is arranged therein. The middle of the bottom plate inlet, and the opposite side of the melt inlet is the melt outlet.
Wherein, the casting nozzle device also includes a primary flow divider unit and a secondary flow divider unit sandwiched between the two upper and lower plates.
The distance from the primary shunt unit to the substrate is greater than the distance from the secondary shunt unit to the substrate.
The primary splitter unit includes several primary splitter blocks having a rectangular cross-sectional shape and spaced apart from each other, and the secondary splitter unit includes a plurality of secondary splitter blocks having a semicircular cross-sectional shape and spaced apart from each other. The first level divides the first level interval between the blocks, and each first level interval is set for the second level hierarchical block.

In the production of non-stick aluminum casting nozzle plates, aluminum casting rolling mills and caster tips are used. The aluminum casting rolling mill includes two rollers, an upper roller and a lower roller, and a non-stick aluminum casting nozzle is arranged between the upper roller and the lower roller.
As the production time continues, some slag composed of carbon deposits and fine particles may accumulate on the upper and lower nozzle plates. These slags will eventually form black lines and scratches on the surface of the aluminum plate. Surface quality defects of aluminum plates, these defects are difficult to eliminate by conventional means.
In order to overcome these shortcomings, the traditional method is to reset the plate, that is, to clean the slag after stopping production and then re-production. However, the reset board will greatly affect the production efficiency and significantly increase the production cost.

Aluminium Ceramic Fiber Castertip

When a certain amount of slag accumulates on the aluminum ceramic fiber casting head, a slag scraper for removing the slag on the nozzle nozzle plate is placed between the upper roller of the aluminum casting machine and the nozzle nozzle plate.
The free end of the scraper blade is in contact with the nozzle blade of the upper casting nozzle, and the support blade is in contact with the upper roller. With the rotation of the upper roller, the supporting member drives the slag discharger to continuously move forward, and the movement of the slag discharger can push the upper casting nozzle. The slag on the mouth moves forward.
Then, the slag accumulated on the nozzle piece of the upper casting nozzle is removed to the aluminum plate, and at the same time, the slag scraper and the support are also dropped on the aluminum plate.
Although this part of the aluminum plate is damaged by the slag, slag scraper and the supporting plate, it can be ensured that the subsequent aluminum plate will not be defective due to the influence of the slag.
Therefore, it is possible to remove the slag accumulated on the nozzle plate of the casting nozzle under conditions with little impact on production efficiency.

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