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Ceramic Foam Filter Egyptian Aluminum

Ceramic Foam Filter Egyptian Aluminum

The Ceramic Foam Filter Egyptian Aluminum can effectively remove the coarse inclusions and make the inclusions dispersed in the aluminum alloy structure. The filtration and purification of the ceramic foam filter Egyptian Aluminum can improve the tensile strength and elongation of aluminum alloy to a certain extent.

In the production of aluminum castings, the Ceramic Foam Filters For Casting is used in metal liquid filtration technology. Through mechanical interception, rectification, and deep adsorption three filtration purification mechanisms, Ceramic Foam Filter Molten Metal Filtration can effectively reduce or eliminate non-metallic inclusions and purify liquid alloys. So as to increase the rate of quality and productivity of the alloy, and improve the internal quality, working performance, and machining performance of the casting.

The rectification effect of the foam ceramic filter is very significant, which can effectively solve the cracks on the casting surface.

The ceramic foam filter Egyptian aluminum effectively removes most of the inclusions in the melt, so that the deviation of the tensile strength, yield strength and elongation of the workpiece tends to be reduced, and avoids the sharp decrease of the mechanical properties caused by individual coarse inclusions.

Egyptalum is located 100 kilometers north of Luxor. The Egyptian Aluminum Company is the largest aluminum producer in Egypt and one of the largest aluminum producers in Africa, with a total annual production capacity of 320,000 tons. The Aswan Dam provides the company with the power it needs.

By paying full attention to the care of workers and leaders, relentlessly pursuing the highest level of quality, and keeping pace with every development in the aluminum industry, Egyptian Aluminum Corporation has become one of the major international companies in this field with sincerity and dedication. Work to drive the company towards sustainability and leadership.

The Egyptian Aluminium Corporation is a subsidiary of the Metallurgical Industry Holding Company, and both companies belong to the public commercial sector.

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