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Molten Alu Ceramic Foam Filter

Molten Alu Ceramic Foam Filter

Foam ceramic filter plate is an effective way to remove inclusions in molten aluminum, this filter has been verified by users for a long time and can improve production performance. Molten Alu ceramic foam filter is a guarantee for aluminum recovery and regeneration.

The recovery and regeneration of aluminum alloy is a very complex technical task. Various aluminum products have a wide range of use, scattered use, how to recycle, concentrate, sort, and then realize regeneration processing are very complicated and huge projects. Secondly, there are hundreds of alloys with different alloy compositions and different properties in the world, and the constituent elements in many alloys are mutually exclusive and incompatible with each other. How to use the simplest method, the lowest cost, and the most effective process to make the waste Al regenerated composition meet the ideal alloy requirements, the performance meets the use, and the quality can reach or be close to the level of the original material. Recycling technology is the pursuit of the industry in all countries in the world.

At present, developed countries have formed a complete collection, management, and sorting system for scrap aluminum to meet the expanding market demand. Developed countries continue to introduce new technological innovations in production, such as low-cost continuous smelting and treatment processes, making low-grade The process of upgrading scrap aluminum, etc., using scrap aluminum has been able to produce a large number of secondary aluminum ingots for casting, die-casting, rolling and as a master alloy. The largest ingot weighs 13.5 tons, of which remelting secondary alloy ingots (RSI) are used. In the manufacture of special thin plates for cans, the quality of the thin plates has reduced the weight of each can to only about 14 grams. Some recycled aluminum is also used to make the frame of computer floppy disk drives.

Molten Alu Ceramic Foam Filter

AdTech can provide a series of molten alu ceramic foam filter plates and filter systems of different sizes and grades, and provide the most suitable filter technology solutions according to customer application conditions to meet the different needs of customers.

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