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Molten Metal Slagging Flux

Molten Metal Slagging Flux

The molten aluminum alloy processing method includes the following steps: melting the aluminum alloy included in the scrap into molten metal; and removing slag generated in the refining process of refining the molten metal by using a molten metal slagging flux as a slag treating agent.

The recovered scrap is passed through the molten process metal, the molten metal is refined through a refining process, the slag is removed from the refining process, the molten metal is removed through the slagging process, and the refined molten metal is cast to provide a secondary alloy or cast alloy. The material (for example, scrap) placed in the melting furnace is heated and melted to produce molten metal. The organic substances generated during the melting process adhere to the material, and the molten metal forms various inclusions of oxides.

Inclusions and metals are mixed to form slag under the action of the refiner, and the slag floats. Slag is the main cause of product defects and therefore must be removed. However, since the slag contains metals with a high metal content, metal loss occurs if the slag containing metals is removed. Therefore, the metal contained in the slag must be returned to the molten metal as much as possible, and the inclusions must be effectively removed only through the slagging process.

The slagging process sprays flux on the surface of the molten metal, causing the flux and slag to mix. The flux reacts with aluminum fine particles contained in the slag. The reaction generates reaction heat, which heats the slag to improve the fluidity of the metal contained in the slag, thereby returning the metal to the molten metal. The generally known degassing process blows the flux together with an inert gas (such as nitrogen or argon) into the molten metal.

The degassing process and the slagging process are very important molten metal processing processes used to clean molten metal and improve product quality. AdTech offers deslagging flux for removing slag from molten aluminum alloy.

When the aluminum alloy melts, the molten metal slagging flux is used to eliminate the hydrogen that forms pores when the molten aluminum alloy solidifies, and to clean the molten aluminum alloy by eliminating non-metallic inclusions that cause internal defects.

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