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Refining Agent Flux

Refining Agent Flux

Refining Agent flux is poured into refining tank and covered it properly, turn on the switch of refining tank and connect nitrogen gas. When refining flux is spraying out of refining iron tube, insert it into the furnace and move all around inside evenly for 2 or 3 times. When powder inside the tank is sprayed completely, first draw out the refining tube out of aluminium liquid, and then switch off nitrogen gas.

Technical Parameters

· Refining temperature:700~740℃

· Refining time:8~15minutes (6~20 ton furnace)

· Nitrogen pressure:1.2~1.8kg/㎜2

· Use level 1~3kg for one-ton aluminium

· It is 2kg a dry and ventilated place. The storage period is one year if the plastic bag is not damaged. It can be further used when it is ground into a powder and dried under the temperature of 100℃.

Refining Agent Flux

Refining Agent Flux

AdTech refining flux is white with slightly gray powdery fine particles. The main ingredients are chloride and villiaumite, together with other compounds. After appropriate heat treatment and screening, it turns to a uniform size, which is conducive for transferring in refining jar with(N2 or Ar) gas as the carrier to the bottom layer of molten aluminum. Through physical and chemical changes in the molten aluminum, numerous small bubbles are formed and fully contact with molten aluminum, separating hydrogen and other harmful gases. At the same time, adsorbing and fusing compounds contained in the refining flux can strongly adsorbing and fusing oxide and float, attaching together to the bubbles, with the rise of the bubbles and being brought to the surface of molten aluminum, so as to achieve the degassing and deslagging purpose of purification. Both environmentally friendly and economically, purifying with AdTech’s refining flux meets the requirement of high value-added & high-tech performance aviation, transportation, and other aluminum alloys precise casting production.

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