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Alumina Ceramic Filter

Alumina Ceramic Filter

According to different raw materials, ceramic foam filters mainly include Silicon Carbide Ceramic Foam Filter, Alumina Foam Ceramic Filter, Zirconia Ceramic Foam Filter.

Silicon Carbide Ceramic Foam Filter

Silicon Carbide Ceramic Foam Filter products are mainly used for filters of ductile iron, gray iron and other castings. It can effectively remove large inclusions in molten metal and absorb a small amount of impurities. At the same time, it can stabilize the flow, reduce casting defects, and improve the quality of castings.

Alumina Ceramic Filter

Alumina ceramic filter product is mainly used for metal aluminum, aluminum alloy casting production. Molten metal filtration technology can effectively remove large inclusion in molten aluminum, the adsorption of tiny impurities. And alumina ceramic filter can improve the quality of the surface of the aluminum alloy castings, improve its microstructure structure, improve casting yield.

The ceramic foam filter can be placed in all parts of the gate system, as close as possible to the gate, to maximize the filtering effect. Due to the influence of the flow resistance of the filter and the gradual clogging of some pores, the cross-sectional area of the filter is required to be 2-4 times larger than the cross-section of the runner.

Zirconia Ceramic Foam Filter

High-purity zirconia ceramic foam filter products are mainly used for steel castings and large iron castings, which can effectively remove large inclusions in liquid metal, absorb small particles of impurities, and improve the mechanical properties of castings. This product is suitable for all grades of steel, including carbon steel, stainless steel and superalloys.

Ceramic Foam Filter Supplier

AdTech mainly supplies Alumina Foam Ceramic Filter and Zirconia Ceramic Foam Filter for aluminum casting. Ceramic filter plates play an important role in the production of the aluminum alloy casting industry. It can improve surface quality, product performance, and microstructure, and improve the yield of aluminum. Put the ceramic foam filter plate into the filtering box gently. Then press the sealing gasket around the filter plate by hand. So as to prevent the aluminum liquid from flowing sideways. Preheat the filter box and filter plate evenly. In order to make the temperature close to the temperature of molten aluminum. Pre-heating can remove moisture and facilitate instant filtration immediately. The preheating method can adopt electric or gas heating. Usually, preheating takes about 15-30 minutes.

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