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Ceramic Foam Filter Manufacturer

Ceramic Foam Filter Manufacturer

Ceramic foam filter manufacturer AdTech develops and produces the CFF for aluminum. It is widely used in aluminum foundry. With the development of science and technology, industrial production requires higher and higher purity and quality of aluminum and its alloy materials. The traditional refining and degassing process cannot remove the fine and suspended non-metallic inclusions in molten aluminum. Therefore, people have studied many purification methods. According to their different mechanisms and forms, purification methods can be divided into adsorption purification, physical purification, and filtration purification.

Filtration and purification means that the metal liquid flows through a certain medium, and this medium purges the inclusions according to a certain mechanism, thereby purifying the metal.

CFF Filter

In 1978, a new type of filter developed by the United States, foam ceramic filter. This high-efficiency filter is used for the production of aluminum castings, and widely used in the production of semi-continuous ingots and shaped castings. AdTech is the best ceramic foam filter manufacturer for aluminum casting.

The preparation of CFF (Ceramic Foam Filter) is to use polyurethane foam as a carrier, immerse it in the coating made of ceramic powder, binder, sintering aid, suspending agent, etc. The paint makes the ceramic paint uniformly applied to the carrier skeleton to become a green body, and then the green body is dried and baked at high temperatures.

Foam ceramic filters are divided into a bonding type and a sintered type. The former relies on a binder to bond ceramic fine particles together. The latter relies on heat preservation at high temperature to sinter and fuse the pure ceramic fine particles. The unique three-dimensional connected curved mesh skeleton structure, the foam ceramic filter has an open porosity of up to 80% to 90%. And by three filtration purification mechanisms, namely mechanical interception, rectification of scum and deep adsorption, ceramic foam filter can effectively filter out large inclusions in the molten metal and tiny suspended inclusions as small as tens of microns.

Ceramic Foam Filter Manufacturer

With the efforts of many foundry workers and researchers in AdTech, the ceramic foam filter and its application in the field of liquid casting alloy filtration have been greatly developed. However, it has high-strength, high-porosity, good thermal shock resistance, and corrosion resistance to molten metal.

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