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Ceramic Foam Filter Supplier

Ceramic Foam Filter Supplier

Ceramic foam filter supplier AdTech offers CFF, filtering effect is better, it is suitable for filtering the inclusions in molten aluminum. It has the following advantages.

Ceramic Foam Filter Advantages

(1) Filtering the inclusions in the casting, reducing the gas in the casting, reducing the degree of turbulence during filling of the molten metal, reducing surface defects in the casting, and significantly reducing the reject rate of the casting.

(2) Increasing the pressure tightness of the casting, enhancing the elongation and tensile strength, and improving the surface finish of the casting. Improve the fluidity of molten metal and increase the filling ability and shrinking capacity of castings.

(3) Simplified the design of the gating system. The length of the runner is reduced, and the casting process yield rate is improved.

(4) Reduced machining time and tool damage, and improved surface quality of castings.

(5) It has very high high temperature working strength, thermal shock resistance and resistance to metal flow impact. No slag or cracking in the work ensures the filtration quality of the molten metal.

Ceramic Foam Filter Supplier

(6) It has a very significant filtering effect. It is much higher than the filtration effect of other filter elements. Its significant filtering effect is related to the “speed criterion” filtering mechanism.

(7) Foam Ceramic Filter can effectively reduce the turbulent flow of the molten metal brought by the pouring, so that the filling is gentle, and the surface defects of the casting are avoided.

(8) It has a large metal flow rate and a stable flow rate (unlike a straight-hole Ceramic Foam Filter whose flow rate gradually decreases as the number of traps caught increases). Even in the case where the content of inclusions in the molten metal is large, normal use does not cause clogging of the filter.

(9) Ceramic Foam Filter has high chemical stability and is not affected by the acidity and alkalinity of the metal liquid, and does not change the chemical composition of the molten metal.

(10) The aluminum casting filter has a very high dimensional accuracy and can be used on the production line for automatic filter placement.

Ceramic Foam Filter Supplier AdTech, not only products ceramic foam filter, but produces and supplies online degassing unit, CFF filter box, tap ont cone, casting tips and nozzle, and other refractory material. If you need our products for you aluminum casting, please contact us anytime.

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