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Ceramic Foam Filter Suppliers

Ceramic Foam Filter Suppliers

Ceramic Foam Filter Suppliers offer the purification method, so that the aluminum melt can pass through the ceramic foam filter, it can separate the solid inclusions suspended in the melt. This method is called the filtration method. The filter material can be glass cloth, metal mesh, foam ceramic filter, loose particles Packed bed etc. Generally, glass cloth, corundum balls and ceramic foam are widely used.

The hole size of the glass cloth is 1.2m*1.5m, the number of holes is 30/cm, and the flow rate is 200kg/min. The glass cloth filtration method is characterized by strong adaptability, simple operation, and low cost, but the filtering effect is unstable. It can only remove larger-sized inclusions, and has a poor effect on small inclusions, and the glass cloth can only be used once, which requires frequent replacement.

Ceramic Foam Filter Suppliers offer a new type of foam ceramic filter material developed for many years. It is a ceramic slurry composed of alumina and chromium oxide, which is formed by polyurethane foam, and then dried and sintered. The porosity is as high as 80%~90%. It is characterized by easy to use and good filtering effect, does not require a high pressure head during filtering, and is cheap.

Ceramic Foam Filter Suppliers

However, ceramic foam is brittle and easily damaged, and it can usually only be used once. In order to increase the filtering effect, a two-stage filtering method can be used.

Melt filtration is also an important object for the development of aluminum melt purification treatment. At present, there are many kinds of melt filtration methods studied in various countries, but the most researched is the foam ceramic filter plate, and many new varieties have appeared. In order to improve the filtration accuracy, filtration The pore size of the plate has developed from 20ppi to 60ppi; and there is a composite filter plate, that is, the filter plate is divided into upper and lower layers, the upper 25mm pore size is very large, the lower 25m pore size is smaller, and the variety specifications are 30/50ppi, 30/60ppi, 30 /70ppi, the composite filter plate has high filtration efficiency, and the amount of metal passing through is larger.

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