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Ceramic Foundry Filters

Ceramic Foundry Filters

Ceramic Foundry Filters are a kind of porous ceramics shaped like foam. It is the third generation of porous ceramics developed after porous ceramics and honeycomb porous ceramics. This high-tech ceramic has three-dimensional connecting channels, and its shape, size, permeability, pore surface area, and chemical properties are improved. Products are like “tempered foam” or “porcelain sponge.” As a new type of inorganic non-metal filter material, ceramic foam is not only simple in preparation process, energy-saving, and low in cost compared with traditional filters, but also has a better filtering effect. Foam ceramics have been widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, light industry, food, environmental protection, energy-saving and other fields. In recent years, the application of Ceramic Foundry Filter has expanded to aviation, electronics, medical materials, and biochemistry.

Classification for Ceramic Foundry Filters

There are many classification methods for Ceramic Foundry Filters. According to the pore relationship, it can be divided into two types: closed pores and open pores. According to the size of the pores, it can generally be divided into three categories: microporous ceramics (pore diameter <20 nm), mesoporous ceramics (20 nm to 500 nm) pore diameter, and macroporous ceramics (diameter> 500 nm). According to pore formation method and pore structure, it can be divided into porous ceramics, honeycomb ceramics, foam ceramics, and so on. According to different selected materials, it can be divided into Silicon Carbide Ceramic Filter, Alumina Ceramic Filter, Zirconia Ceramic Filter, and so on.

Ceramic Foundry Filters

Ceramic Foam Filter Manufacturer

AdTech is a professional ceramic foam filter manufacturer, there are two models: ceramic foam filter-PAl, ceramic foam filter-PZr. Our ceramic foam filter are suitable for molten aluminum purification.

AdTech Ceramic Foam Filter Advantages

  1. Adopt the principle of adsorption to filter. Alumina ceramic foam filter can effectively remove large inclusions in aluminum liquid, and effectively adsorb fine inclusions of micron size. It has high filtration accuracy at the same mesh size.
  2. Do not drop slag, effectively reduce the pollution to aluminum liquid.
  3. Good thermal shock resistance and corrosion resistance to molten metal.
  4. Automated assembly line production, three calibration procedures, precise dimensions, and more suitable for the filter box.
  5. Improve surface quality, product performance, and microstructure.

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