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Foam Ceramic Filter Foundry

Foam Ceramic Filter Foundry

Foam Ceramic Filter Foundry is used to filter impurities in molten aluminum and molten metal alloys. It plays a vital role in the aluminum casting industry.

Even the smallest non-metallic impurities in the molten metal can have a destructive effect on the properties and strength of the final metal. Foam Ceramic Filter Greece Foundry plays a vital role in removing impurities that may cause the final product and ensuring high-quality castings.

Inclusions in aluminum castings and their influence on casting properties:

Aluminum alloy is easily inhaled and oxidized during the casting process. Therefore, there are different degrees of gas and different non-metallic inclusions in the melt, resulting in defects such as pores, pores and inclusions in the ingot.

The inclusions that exist in the molten aluminum before pouring are irregularly distributed in the casting, which is called primary oxidation inclusions. The inclusions generated during the pouring process (called secondary inclusions) are mostly distributed at the corners of the casting wall and the design and manufacturing position of the solidification part. Inclusions make the aluminum alloy matrix discontinuous, which causes leakage or corrosion of aluminum castings, and reduces the mechanical properties of the castings. Significantly reduce the mechanical properties, processing properties, fatigue resistance, corrosion resistance and anodic oxidation properties of aluminum, and even lead to product scrapping.

Foam ceramic filter has become an extremely important process in aluminum alloy production. Advanced cleaning technology is essential to ensure the metallurgical quality of aluminum alloy and improve the final performance of the product.

Any melt processing filtration and degassing are complementary. Slag and gas cannot be separated completely. Generally, the more slag inclusions, the higher the gas content in the melt. While removing the inclusions, the gas content in the melt must be reduced. Therefore, the combination of degassing and filtration is very beneficial for improving the purity of the melt. Many aluminum processing companies combine aluminum melt degassing and filtering on-line processing. Our degassing and filtering technology guarantees the adaptability of casting quality to the most important end product applications.

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