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Molten Aluminum Launder System

Molten Aluminum Launder System

The molten aluminum launder system produced by AdTech is used between the on-line degassing filter equipment and the continuous casting mill. It has dual functions: conveying and heat preservation, with repeated or multiple-use linings, and adopts new high-silicon melting material molding technology. The movable launder has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, non-stick aluminum and no pollution to molten aluminum.

In the aluminum processing industry, it is necessary to frequently transfer liquid metal to processing equipment such as melting furnaces and holding furnaces, so that the liquid metal can flow between the equipment.

The current conventional practice is to arrange molten aluminum insulated launders between the degassing equipment and casting platform, connect the trough to the aluminum liquid outlet, and then lead it to the next equipment, which is what we call the aluminum launder, which is mainly made of aluminum fiber material.

Molten Aluminum Launder System Characteristics

  • High density. The molten aluminum sink is a refractory material based on alumina, which is a product with high density and durability.
  • Has excellent physical properties. Thermal contraction coefficient, small expansion coefficient, high surface strength, low heat capacity.
  • Good chemical stability. No asbestos content, no chemical reaction with aluminum melt.
  • Good insulation. The molten aluminum launder has good thermal insulation performance and is made of high-aluminum fiber with good thermal insulation.

Insulated Runner Launder Uses

Install the movable slide according to the structure of the drawing to ensure that the movable slide is clean, non-damaged and seamless.

Preheat the installed standard mobile launder uniformly, heat it at a constant speed for 1-2 hours, check whether the lining surface is red, that is, within the range of 800 ℃, to remove the adsorbed crystal water, the temperature is close to casting Temperature, safe and effective use.

The movable launder has no electric heating and baking conditions, so it must be baked with flame. The key is to control the flame temperature. The second is to avoid direct flame grilling to avoid thermal stress caused by local heating to rupture the lining. The flame is divided into weak flame (red soft flame), medium flame (yellow), strong flame (blue and white).

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