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Molten Aluminium Trough

Molten Aluminium Trough

The molten aluminium trough is an important part of any foundry. A well-designed launder system can promote the smooth and efficient operation of the foundry, and the rapid transfer between the foundries is essential. Clean, low-turbulence runner launders play an important role in the production of high-quality products.

The trough system is very important to the quality and energy-saving effect of molten aluminum metallurgy.

The lining of the launder system is made of high-quality medium-density fused silica refractory and pre-sintered at 800°C before assembly. It has high aluminum resistance, low thermal conductivity, low shrinkage, and high strength.

The launder cover can be used to reduce heat loss by more than 50%, and the launder heating unit can be installed to minimize the temperature of the launder, thereby reducing the tapping temperature of molten aluminum and protecting certain highly flammable alloy elements.

The molten aluminium trough system has various shapes, such as DC tank, elbow, tee, and horizontal installation. They can be combined and used flexibly according to different site conditions.

The molten aluminum launder system is used in smelting furnaces, holding furnaces and other processing equipment to transfer liquid metal so that the liquid metal can flow between the equipment according to the process steps.

Molten Aluminium Trough

Advantages of Insulation Trough and Launder System

  • The aluminum liquid movable launder has good heat preservation performance, and the temperature can be reduced to within 1 ℃ per meter.
  • It does not react with molten aluminum at working temperature, has low density, good non-stick properties of aluminum, and flexible continuous casting and rolling.
  • The movable flow channel of molten aluminum is integrally formed with high silicon melt material, with high dimensional accuracy.
  • The movable trough of molten aluminum can be used repeatedly or repeatedly, and the surface is smooth.
  • Good anti-sticking aluminum performance, easy to remove the condensate shell.
  • Anti-scouring, strong and durable.
  • Ultra-stable volume, resistance to cold and heat shock.
  • Reduce the maintenance of the joints between the sections and save costs.

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