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Launder System for Aluminum Casting

Launder System for Aluminum Casting

The launder system for aluminum casting is divided into a direct flow trough, an inclined launder, a distribution launder, a corner launder, and a lifting launder. They cooperate with each other to make the aluminum melt in the casting platform between the melting furnace and the casting platform smoothly transport.

The direct trough is one of the most common launders in all launder systems for aluminum casting. It has a simple structure and is convenient to manufacture, and is suitable for long-distance molten aluminum transportation. In the early days, manufacturers often designed the DC tank to be more than 1000mm in length, which was difficult to transport and install, and easily damaged. With the development of high-temperature inorganic binders, manufacturers have reduced the length of the launder system for aluminum casting as much as possible, and mostly controlled it below 500mm. Then the inorganic high-temperature adhesive is used to achieve seamless splicing, and the transportation, installation, and replacement costs are all improved.

The inclined trough is installed at the molten aluminum inlet and the molten aluminum delivery outlet of the casting platform, and is used for docking the molten aluminum on the platform with the oblique port of the molten aluminum delivered from the melting furnace. It is easy to splice with oblique butt joints, and the splicing precision is not high. Inclined troughs are generally inclined at 45 degrees.

The distribution launder is mainly installed on the casting platform or the molten aluminum conveying device. When the molten aluminum from one melting furnace is supplied to two casting equipment at the same time, the shunt launder is required to split the flow. The main function of the shunt trough on the casting platform is to shunt the molten aluminum into the close-packed shunt discs, thereby shunting to the various crystallizers.

The corner runner is mainly installed on the molten aluminum conveying device between the melting furnace and the casting platform. Some aluminum factories have to set up the molten aluminum for turning and conveying due to the limitation of the layout of the melting furnace and the casting machine, and the corner runner needs to be used. The function of the corner flow trough is to change the direction of liquid aluminum transportation and smoothly transport the liquid aluminum to the casting platform. Rotation The flow trough is generally designed with an angle of 90 degrees.

Raising launder system for aluminum casting can raise the height of the molten aluminum. It is generally installed behind the CFF filter box. When the aluminum liquid flows through the ceramic foam filter plate in the filter box, it is responsible for raising the filtered aluminum liquid to the level before filtering, so that the aluminum liquid evenly passes through the entire surface of the filter plate to filter The effect of purifying molten aluminum. If the lifting flow channel is not provided, the molten aluminum will simply pass through a certain filter surface, and the filter holes will be blocked during filtration, which will affect production.

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