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Aluminum Degassing Equipment

Aluminum Degassing Equipment

Aluminum degassing equipment can remove impurities and alkali metals in molten aluminum, thereby improving metal quality. Inclusions may result in decreased fluidity, increased porosity, decreased mechanical properties, poor surface quality, tool damage, insufficient pressure sealing, and decreased corrosion resistance. The aluminum die-casting industry requires strict metal quality standards to prevent parts failure in key components of automobiles, airplanes, and machinery.

In the degassing process, inert gas is pumped into the aluminum melt to remove hydrogen and prevent subsequent voids in the casting. Generally, the gas diffusion through the rotor can achieve the maximum gas output efficiency. Aluminum degassing equipment helps remove other impurities on the surface of the melt, such as oxides.

Degassing aluminum with nitrogen is suitable for aluminum castings that use argon or nitrogen as the refining medium. An off-site refining facility that can remove hydrogen, metal and non-metallic inclusions from aluminum melt. A graphite rotor containing nitrogen degassed aluminum is put into the aluminum melt, and a quantitative refined gas is introduced into the melt through the graphite rotor rotating at a high speed. After the graphite rotor and the aluminum liquid are sheared at a higher speed, fine bubbles will be generated and dispersed evenly in the aluminum melt. Since the partial pressure of hydrogen in the bubbles is zero, the partial pressure of hydrogen in the aluminum melt is high, which causes the hydrogen in the aluminum liquid to gradually diffuse into the bubbles. The metal and non-metallic inclusions in the molten aluminum are adsorbed on the surface of the bubbles, and the bubbles and the carried inclusions float, so as to achieve the purpose of removing hydrogen and inclusions in the molten aluminum.

Aluminum Degassing Equipment

Aluminum Degassing Equipment Advantages

  • Optimize the bubble saturation of the process gas in the entire melt
  • Reduce scum formation
  • Push the metal flow in the container
  • Easy to replace refractory
  • Improve metal quality

Benefits of Aluminum Degassing Unit

The degassing unit has high degassing efficiency. A compact furnace design is adopted, and the rotating nozzle is degassed in the degassing box, forming convection in the tank, so that small bubbles can fully diffuse into the molten aluminum. The contact surface between the bubbles and the molten aluminum is increased; at the same time, a sealed design is adopted to prevent secondary air pollution from entering the outside world and improve the degassing efficiency of the device.

Degassing equipment high-temperature control accuracy is better. The work station degassing method is adopted. The aluminum liquid can maintain the temperature in the working gap through electric heating. The heating system adopts an immersion heating device with high heating efficiency. Silicon carbide rods are used to heat the components, and the thyristor is controlled by temperature.

The aluminum degassing equipment is easy to operate. One-button switching, simple and easy-to-use design, reducing the complexity of the system and reducing the maintenance cost of the equipment. At the same time, the different requirements of users for the quality of castings are considered in the equipment design, and the refined gas flow rate and rotor speed are adjustable.

Aluminum degassing equipment is easy to maintain. In order to facilitate equipment maintenance and rotor replacement, the rotating nozzle part and the heater part can be lifted separately, and the upper cover can be lifted and rotated horizontally to maximize maintenance and maintenance operations.

Operational safety of aluminum degassing equipment. The equipment has a chain mechanism to avoid injury caused by misoperation.

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