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Online Aluminum Degassing Equipment

Online Aluminum Degassing Equipment

Online aluminum degassing equipment is a product used to improve the quality of molten aluminum and improve the mechanical properties of castings.

The principle of hydrogen degassing: rotating inert gas is injected into molten aluminum through rotating graphite rods and rotors. The rotor decomposes the inert gas entering the molten aluminum into small bubbles, which are evenly dispersed in the molten aluminum. These small bubbles of inert gas hydrogen and other non-metallic impurities trapped in the aluminum liquid float to the surface of the aluminum liquid together with the small bubbles of inert gas, thereby achieving the effect of removing hydrogen.

Technical Parameters of Online Aluminum Degassing Equipment

1. Number of rotors: 1 to 3 rotors are optional, multi-stage degassing efficiency is higher.
2. Degassing object: hydrogen in the molten aluminum flowing in the washing tank or degassing tank.
3. Maximum processing capacity of molten aluminum: each rotor can handle 5t/h molten aluminum.
4. Electromechanical characteristics: electric lifting and rotation, easy to maintain the equipment and replace the graphite rotor. The upward and downward lifting stroke of the electric chain is ≤600mm; the rotation angle of the slewing ring gear transmission is 180 degrees. The motor power is 2~7KW. Both the power interface and the pneumatic interface on the device use quick release connectors. The inlet and outlet of the flow cell are both embedded with partitions, and the graphite baffle on the upper cover forms a separate degassing chamber.
5. Degassing speed: 0~600 rpm, digital display speed is adjustable, each 3 rotors can be independently controlled.
6. Degassing medium: industrial dry nitrogen or argon with a purity of 99.996% or higher, the gas flow rate of each rotor can be adjusted in the range of 0.25 to 2.5 Nm3/h; the gas input pressure is 0.4 to 0.6 MPa (less than 0.2 Automatic alarm to prompt replacement when MPa) Air source);
7. Degassing effect: Calculated by each rotor, when the inlet flow rate is not more than 5t/h and the inlet hydrogen content is not more than 0.35ml/100g, the aluminum liquid at 700-730℃ can reduce the hydrogen content to less than 0.19ml/100g. When the input hydrogen content is greater than 0.35ml/100g, the degassing efficiency is not less than 45%.
8. When a fault occurs, it will automatically alarm, and the indicator light will flash to remind the operator.
9. The maximum temperature of the outer wall of the furnace shell is ≤75°C.

Online Aluminum Degassing Equipment

Affect the removal rate of hydrogen and inclusions in the aluminum solution of online aluminum degassing equipment: metal flow or volume, inert gas flow, diffusion of inert gas, contact of inert gas and impurities.

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