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Hydrogen Degassing Devices

Hydrogen Degassing Devices

The hydrogen content in the aluminum melt has a decisive influence on the properties of aluminum and aluminum alloys. Therefore, hydrogen degassing has become one of the necessary means to control the quality of the aluminum processing industry. Hydrogen degassing methods and hydrogen degassing equipment for aluminum melts have developed rapidly, and many hydrogen degassing devices have been developed, such as Adtech hydrogen degassing devices.

Adtech dual-rotor hydrogen degassing unit can achieve continuous degassing of aluminum melt, and the processing volume of aluminum melt is large. The equipment consists of a water tank, a cover, a heating system, a ventilation system and a refinement system. It can remove hydrogen and other impurities in the aluminum melt.

Double degassing rotor, heater protective cover and thermocouple materials are all independently developed silicon nitride materials.With the internal hybrid spoiler design, it can ensure a good and stable degassing effect.

The working principle of the dual-rotor hydrogen degassing devices is that the rotating rotor decomposes the nitrogen (or argon) blown into the aluminum melt into a large number of dispersed bubbles and disperses them in the molten metal.

Hydrogen Degassing Devices

In the melt, the gas is separated by the partial pressure difference of the gas and the principle of surface adsorption, absorbs the hydrogen in the melt, adsorbs the oxidized slag, and is carried out from the surface of the melt as the bubbles rise, so the melt The body is purified.

Due to the fine dispersion of the bubbles, it is evenly mixed with the rotating melt, then rotates in a spiral shape and floats slowly.

The contact time with the melt is long, and the air flow generated by the continuous straight rise is not formed, thereby removing the harmful hydrogen in the aluminum melt.

The purification process of liquid aluminum alloy is the main means to improve the comprehensive performance of aluminum alloy. In the purification process, the purification gas and the solvent are mixed, and the method of purifying the aluminum melt by rotating the graphite rotor on the aluminum hydrogen degassing equipment is the most advanced processing method in the world.

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