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Degassing Unit Uses

Degassing Unit Uses

Degassing Unit Uses is important for molten aluminum degassing, it is related to the degassing effect and the service life of the degassing unit.

Degassing Unit Uses

Before being immersed in the molten aluminum, the degassing rotor for aluminum liquid refining should be preheated for 5 to 10 minutes at about 100mm above the liquid surface to avoid the effect of rapid cooling and heat on the material. The degassing rotor must be filled with gas before being immersed in the molten aluminum. The air supply can be stopped after the rotor has raised the liquid level to prevent the air holes of the nozzle of the degassing rotor from being blocked.

When the degassing unit is designed and manufactured, the inlet and outlet of the molten aluminum and the small door of the slag removal should be sealed to reduce the oxidation of the degassing rotor at high temperatures.

Degassing Unit Uses

Pour nitrogen or argon into the degassing box to ensure positive pressure inside the box and isolate the outside air to prevent oxidation of the degassing rotor.

The reasonable high level of the degassing rotor immersed in the aluminum melt is: the strengthening sleeve is exposed to about 80mm of the aluminum liquid surface and about 60mm below the immersion liquid surface, which can effectively increase the time for the degassing rotor to relieve reaction loss and scouring wear.

During production or during shutdown, if the aluminum melt needs to be heated up in the degassing box, the degassing rotor cannot be directly grilled with the spray gun flame to avoid high temperature oxidation of the degassing rotor.

The degassing rotor and the transmission system are connected through a connecting rod (tube). The connecting rod is deformed under the action of high temperature for a long time, or the relevant parts of the transmission equipment are loose, which will affect the neutralization and smooth operation of the degassing rotor. , It is easy to cause the deaeration rotor to be broken or bumped and damaged.

When scraping slag or cleaning the oxide scale on the surface of the deaeration rotor rod in the clean box, avoid the damage of the deaeration rotor caused by the collision of the tools used.

The deaeration rotor is connected with the transmission mechanism by a screw, and a stop ring is added to the connecting screw to prevent the deaeration rotor from hitting the screw due to continuous rotation and rising, causing the deaeration rotor to break from the root of the inner screw hole.

If the argon (or nitrogen) gas passed into the aluminum melt is impure due to the leakage of pipes, joints and other parts, it will seriously oxidize the upper part of the degassing rotor, and even the jet holes of the lower degassing rotor will be oxidized. Will greatly shorten the service life of the deaeration rotor.

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